Are you a tech graduate who has a positive attitude and wants to go the extra mile?

Software Tester

The software testing stream prepares candidates to pursue a career in software testing (software quality engineering). The purpose of software testing is to identify errors, gaps or missing requirements compared to actual documented requirements.

Software Developer

The software development stream prepares candidates to become junior full stack developers. The learning path covers front-end and back-end technologies and languages, database fundamentals and querying, exposure to the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and DevOps systems.

Data analytics

The data analytic stream equips candidates to learn the skills to become a data science engineer. You will learn valuable skills such as databases technologies, Python programming, big data, ETL tools and data visualisation techniques.

What to search on SA Youth

Register on SA Youth and then search key words like: DigiLink, digital jobs, IT jobs, Internship, Software Developer, Full Stack Developer, Software Tester and experiential training.

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Success Stories

Lerato overcame many obstacles to graduate with a Btech. She followed her passion at Capaciti and her determination to learn landed her an opportunity with DigiLink. She is thriving in the work environment and enjoys meeting deadlines and striving to be her best. She is becoming an excellent Qualified Tester and plans one day to be a Testing Specialist.

Runita love for IT started at a young age playing computer games with her grandmother in Mitchell’s Plein. She chose IT as a high school subject and was exposed to the endless possibilities of coding. After joining the Oracle program she went into an internship opportunity with CapaCITI. Her passion and work ethic landed her an opportunity as a contractor for Capitec with DigiLink and after a year was offered a full-time opportunity with Capitec.

Shaquille is passionate about the world of IT. His passion led him to CapaCiTi, where he excelled and was offered an opportunity with DigiLink. He is consistently showing up to be the best he can and taking each opportunity to learn. Shaquille is so grateful for this game changing career opportunity and is making the most of it.